How to change Instagram account password via Android phone

The popularity of social media sites is currently booming, especially in everyday life. Everyone usually has more than one social media account like me, which has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Many people create social media accounts to interact with other users or connect with their relatives. Often social media pages contain status, photos, short videos, news and other interesting information

There are many types of social media sites. In this post, I will discuss one of the social media that is being discussed by many people, namely Instagram. Instagram is a social media that is used by users to share pictures and short videos. Instagram is indeed designed to capture the most beautiful moments and share statuses in the form of files, not sentences like most other social media

Many people use Instagram as a medium of communication through images, some people are not aware of the importance of increasing security or security to protect personal accounts from piracy.

Especially for those of you who want to become a celebrity and then subscribe to an autofollower service to increase your followers, even though this is actually very dangerous, you know... it could be that when you are in debt, the service provider is auctioning your account secretly

In addition, the use of Instagram account passwords that are easy to guess and most still use a combination of birth dates increases the risk of greater account theft. Now there is a termux tool that Herker usually uses to steal accounts by trying various passwords that are matched with account data

Therefore, users are advised to always change their Instagram account passwords once a month and use more complicated password combinations so that herker's chances are smaller.

And in this article, we will discuss a tutorial on how to quickly and easily change the Instagram account password via an Android phone.

change Instagram account password

1. How to Change Instagram Password via smartphone

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your cellphone.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account. If you haven't logged in yet, please login first.
  • Step 3: You can also login using your Facebook account, if your account has been linked to Facebook before
  • Step 6: On Tap the Security option, then you select Password.
  • Step 7: Please enter the password that you are currently using, and enter the new password again to replace the old password
  • Step 8: If everything has been done, please tap the tick icon in the upper right corner.
  • Step 9: If all the steps above have been done and succeeded, then you will be directed back to the Security menu. And congratulations, now your password has been successfully changed.
Thus the article on How to Change Instagram Account Password Through an Android Phone, hopefully with this article, awareness of cyber crime, especially for ordinary internet users, will appear. Changing your Instagram account password regularly can protect your account from hackers.

If your account anonymously does something awkward like following other accounts or publishing status by itself, it's better to change the password as soon as possible because someone may be trying to abuse your account. A few articles from me may be useful for you.

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