How to Create Canva Pro using Student Emai

Most of you are already familiar with this web-based graphic design tool, Canva. Recently, Canva has become the choice for beginners to advanced graphic designers. This is because, Canva provides a template feature, which can make it easier for users.

However, not all of its features can be accessed for free. To be able to access the Pro features, we have to subscribe at a cost of around $50 which can be used for a maximum of 5 people. Maybe few people are new to the free Canva Pro. How did you do that? Come see!

Are you curious about how to make your Canva become Canva Pro without paying a penny?

Previously we needed a GitHub Education account and registered for that account with a student email. Type then click "Sign Up" it will appear like the following image, then enter the email of the campus that you will register, click "Continue".

Check the registered email, then verify. Then you will be directed to the page then click “Get student benefits”.

Then a page like the following appears. Make sure if you have followed the sequence of steps, your email is registered and automatically appears in the form.

Complete the form, then click “Continue” and check your email again to make sure your application has been received. To check if it's Pro, check the right corner of “Your GitHub Profile”, look at the left. If it is Pro, it will appear like this.

Then after signing up for GitHub, it's time to activate Canva Pro. The method is: Go to and select “Sign up with Google” and proceed to access your data by clicking the Authorize Canva button. Done! Now it's hard to have Canva Pro status for one year.

With the collaboration between GitHub and Canva, it is very helpful for those of us who have student accounts.

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