How to Set Favorite Account on Instagram Home

 Instagram is one of the most popular social media for young people. Its features have continued to develop since the beginning of this application, making it continue to be in the top 5 most used social media applications.

On the other hand, you may find other social media applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, or Youtube.

Uniquely, Instagram has a historical value that is far from the video and photo sharing application it is today.

The developer and founder of Instagram at that time, Kevin Systrom, focused more on Instagram as a check-in application.

The name of the application is born. The name that would later become Instagram. The check-in feature as the main feature in the application is less competitive with other features that are also in the application. Yes, this feature is a photo and video sharing feature. Naturally, hotel/similar visitors usually like to share photos and videos of their activities while there.

Seeing this opportunity, Kevin Systrom together with his colleague Mike Krieger changed the focus of the burning business to this feature. And on October 10, 2010, the burn was born again with the name Instagram. This application continues to grow until it comes to Instagram today, which is full of top features.

Favorite Features

After Instagram was acquired by the world's largest social media technology company, namely Facebook. inc (now Metaverse), there are many features that we can use.

Features that make it easy to get quality content intakes.

Starting from Private, IG TV, Reels, Stories, Instagram Remix, and also a feature that recently appeared, namely the Favorites feature.

This feature allows Instagram users to set any accounts that will or will often appear on the personal Instagram Home section.

How to Favorite Account in Instagram Feed

1. The first step, and it is very clear is that you must download and install Instagram. The author assumes that you are loyal readers of getarticle. tech already has Instagram. If you already have, then you just need to update this application.

 2. After that open the Instagram application, and pay close attention to the part of Instagram in the upper left corner of the application.

 3. Access the Favorites feature thereby pressing the down arrow button. There are two options, select the Favorites section.

4. This is what the app looks like after this feature is accessed. The information provided gives you instructions for using this feature. Select Add Favorite.

 5. This is a list of favorites that were previously on the author's homepage. Use the Plus icon in the upper right corner of the app or the existing Search feature to add a favorite account.

6. Through this search feature, you can search for any account that you want to prioritize the content appearing on your homepage.

7. These are the accounts that have entered the Favorites feature of the author's Instagram homepage.


This favorite feature of Instagram helps us get content that we want to prioritize appearing on our homepage.

This means we will very rarely see content that is not needed.

Not to mention the fact that indeed the content on our Instagram homepage is the result of following their account.

But maybe from the many accounts that you follow, you just want your homepage to display informative accounts rather than just seeing vacation photos or videos from the accounts of friends you follow.

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